What is a Business Apartment?

Business Apartments are a type of furnished and serviced apartment available for short-term or long-term stays, which provides amenities for daily use. Business Apartments are less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms. Since the beginning of the boom in international travel and the corresponding increase in the level of sophistication of international travelers, interest in serviced Business Apartments has risen at the expense of the use of hotels for long stays. The benefits of Business Apartments include more space and privacy, convenience when traveling with a family and the cost savings associated with cooking one's own meals in the apartment.

Traditionally Business Apartments had always been located in hotels. Nowadays however, many Business Apartments are situated in classic apartment buildings. In contrast to hotel rooms, Business Apartments benefit from a personal kitchen. Often tenants stay a couple of months to a couple of years. The monthly costs can vary from budget bachelor flats to large luxurious apartments with several bedrooms. The cost of a Business Apartment is usually around 30% lower than a stay in a hotel room. Similar to a hotel room you have a variety of services like cleaning, laundry or maintenance services. And you just pay what you need amongst the offered services. The kitchen is always fully equipped, which allows your guests to cater for themselves. It is foremost the kitchen that gives a customer a feeling of being at home, which a hotel never can provide. If you are in an urban environment it is also very difficult to find and rent an apartment for just a limited amount of time. Business Apartments can be rented on short notice and for the exact length of the stay. And on top of that a tenant does not have to pay a deposit of 1 -3 months rents.